Shipwreck Beach

Shipwreck Beach & Blue Caves

Shipwreck Beach and Blue Caves are breathtaking natural wonders located on the island of Zakynthos in Greece. Shipwreck Beach, also known as Navagio Beach, features crystal clear turquoise waters and towering cliffs that surround the famous shipwreck that has become an iconic symbol of Zakynthos. The nearby Blue Caves boast a series of stunning sea caves that are only accessible by boat, and their emerald waters make them a fantastic spot for snorkeling and diving.

These two sites are considered to be some of the most beautiful spots in Greece, and they are a must-see destination for any traveler who is looking to explore the island's remarkable natural beauty.



Private Yacht

Experience the beauty of Shipwreck Beach in complete privacy and luxury with Seacret Holidays' Private Yacht option. Our handpicked selection of luxury yachts offers a range of options for exploring the stunning coastline of Zakynthos.

You'll have the freedom to create your own itinerary, with the help of our experienced crew, who will ensure that your journey is smooth and seamless.

With a private yacht, you can experience the tranquility of the open sea and the beauty of Shipwreck Beach in complete privacy.

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License-free Speed Boat

Explore the stunning beauty of Zakynthos and discover the hidden gems of the island with our license-free speedboats. One of the most famous stops is Shipwreck Beach and Blue Caves, and now you can get there with ease on your own mini-adventure. Don't worry if you're new to driving a boat, as our experienced crew will provide you with instructions on how to use it, ensuring an easy and fun experience.

We will also track your boats with GPS technology, providing you added safety and security. To make your journey even more comfortable, options like a tent, USB charger, and cooler are available. But if relaxation is what you desire, we can provide a skipper who will show you the way to the beautiful spots Zakynthos has to offer and ensure you have an unforgettable trip.

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Organized Cruise

Discover the beauty of the Shipwreck Beach and Blue Caves in Zakynthos with our small group organized cruise. Our experienced captain will guide you through the crystal blue waters of the north of Zakynthos, making sure you have a remarkable experience. Our traditional boats have a glass bottom, providing you the chance to see the marine wildlife and the stunning seafloor of the island.

Our boats take you inside the Blue Caves, offering an exceptional opportunity to swim inside the cave. The sun reflection illuminates the water in a unique way and gives the water an almost mystical shade that is hard to describe. You will have the opportunity to witness this incredible natural wonder first-hand, along with the various shades of colors that the water creates inside the cave. Join our organized cruise and revel in a memorable day trip on Zakynthos.

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Discover the wonders near Shipwreck Beach, including Xigia (Sulfur) Beach. Just a short distance away, Xigia Beach beckons with its crystal-clear turquoise waters and natural sulfur springs. Take a dip in the rejuvenating waters and experience the unique blend of therapeutic benefits and breathtaking coastal beauty.

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The Sunset Experience

Experience the beauty of Shipwreck Beach in a whole new light during sunset. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere and enjoy our range of services designed specifically for this magical time of day. From private yacht charters to romantic dinners on the beach, you can create unforgettable moments as you witness the breathtaking sunset over the horizon.

Capture stunning photographs, indulge in fine cuisine, and embrace the romantic ambiance as the sky paints a breathtaking backdrop for your special experience at Shipwreck Beach.

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